Spring cleaning… for your gut! Take a 2 week breather from sugar, dairy, meat & processed foods but do NOT juice or take a multivitamin

It’s the first day of spring and I am seriously ready to come out of hibernation. I don’t know about you, but particularly the last weeks of winter are tough and I am often blowing off my diet or exercise routine, feeling like.. I deserve it! It’s awful outside! Well now we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Spring is here and sunshine is just around the corner. And what better way to greet the good weather than cleaning out your gut!

I’m only asking for 2 week. I think you’ll be hooked and keep at it but at LEAST give it 2 weeks to flush you out. Follow this high-fiber, microbiome-diversifying, poop-perfecting, cancer-preventing, low-FODMAP food lifestyle to keep your gut happy & healthy for life!


What do you do?

Follow the #feedyourgut diet plan for 2 weeks.

In a nutshell- cut out sugar, dairy, meat, and processed foods and BULK UP on fiber!

Check out the philosophy here: https://www.gutlove.com/the-diet/

Check out the grocery list here: https://www.gutlove.com/shopping-cart/

And follow the other tabs to great recipes!

What do you NOT do?

1.     DO NOT Spend a million dollars on a juice cleanse. I hate to break it to you but juice cleanses are not all they’re made out to be. They are actually INFERIOR to eating WHOLE FOODS! Here are the details:

·      Juices won’t fill you up. Without any fiber, they’ll pass right through you.

·      Extra calories. Since you won’t feel satiated, you’ll end up drinking all the juice calories PLUS whatever else you want to eat.

·      Many vitamins & nutrients are lost in the juicing process. Antioxidants + fiber are usually found in the pulp or skin of whole fruits therefore thrown out with the juicing scraps.

·      High glycemic index (GI)! Juice is a super fast, high sugar load. This means that your blood sugar will quickly spike high and then fall without the buffer of fiber. Cranberry juice has a GI of 68 while a grapefruit has a GI of 25. Look for LOWER GLYCEMIC INDEX foods to stabilize your blood sugar whether you are diabetic or not! See a list of foods & their GI from Harvard here. FYI: Several prospective studies have associated diets high in glycemic index with risk of developing type 2 diabetes mellitus, coronary heart disease, and some cancers (uptodate).

·      Juice does NOT cleanse the body of toxins! Companies love to write “detox” on every juice bottle but what does that mean exactly? No one knows!  The liver & kidney do most of the detox work in the body and juices don’t necessarily assist them. What’s the benefit from “resting” your digestive tract and creating less stool? There IS no benefit. You need healthy stool for a healthy microbiome! Great article from NYTimes here

2.     DO NOT Buy an expensive bottle of vitamins. I’m sure we were all there once. Standing in the vitamin aisle and staring down a $50 bottle of vitamins.. in awe of all the potential health benefits you may reap. Well the news flash is that there is really NO reason to take a multivitamin and if you are experiencing any certain symptoms then see your doctor, they can test you for a vitamin deficiency, and you can take a replacement pill if you NEED it! Here’s the data:

Annals of Internal Medicine, 2005

Annals of Internal Medicine, 2005

·      There is NO clear evidence of a beneficial effect of supplements on cognitive performance, memory, all-cause mortality, cardiovascular disease …and definitely not cancer!

·      In fact, clinical trials shows that β-carotene, vitamin E, and possibly high doses of vitamin A supplements increase mortality

from Sleisenger and Fordtran textbook on Gastroenterology

from Sleisenger and Fordtran textbook on Gastroenterology

·       A multivitamin does NOT WORK—some of the vitamins you are hoping to get need fat to be absorbed and many of the minerals compete for the same transporter for absorption! For example, one transport mediates absorption of iron, zinc, manganese, and copper. So if you multivitamin contains both iron and zinc, they both compete for the same transporter and therefore you DON’T ABSORB one of the two minerals!


Spring cleaning for your gut does NOT mean a million dollar juice cleanse & vitamin splurge. Save money AND save your gut. #happyspring