The skinny on weight loss

Did you rigorously follow all my “eat” & “move” recommendations but still need to get rid of excess weight???

Luckily bariatric surgery is not the only option anymore.. let me introduce to you the incisionless weight loss interventions performed by a gastroenterologist that are currently available :


1. Intragastric balloon

- This is best for people with a BMI over 30 kg/m2

- Results: With the Orbera balloon, a 2015 meta-analysis found that the average total body weight loss was 13%, average excess weight loss 32% and reduction in BMI of 5.7 kg/m2 at 6 months post implantation. 

- the gastric balloon is inserted endoscopically and placed directly into your stomach

- the balloon is filled with 400-600mL of sterile saline solution (the size of a grapefruit)

 adapted from the  FDA

adapted from the FDA

- the balloon stays in for 6 months, during which you are not able to eat as much food as you usually do since the balloon promotes the feeling of fullness and restricts you from eating more food. It may also delay gastric emptying

- during the 6 months, you meet regularly meet with a nutritionist and exercise

- after six months, the balloon is endoscopically removed

- read about one woman’s experience with it here


2. Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty 

 adapted from the  AGA

adapted from the AGA

- This is best for people with a BMI > 30 kg/m2

- Results:   After one year, participants reduced excess body weight by 54%

- In an outpatient endoscopy unit, a GI performs an endoscopy and puts a suturing device (Overstitch) into the stomach, and then makes about 12 sutures to transform the stomach into a tube-shaped structure that is about 20% of its original size.

- similar to a surgical sleeve gastrectomy that also results in a tube-shaped stomach, but the surgery permanently removes part of the stomach and this procedure is performed without any incisions

- Weight loss was accompanied by the resolution of comorbidities commonly associated with obesity. Type 2 diabetes resolved in 30% of the patients,  hypertension resolved in 19%, and hyperlipidemia resolved in 19% of the patients.

- read more about it here


 adapted from  Am J Gastroenterol

adapted from Am J Gastroenterol

3. Aspiration therapy

 - This is best for people with a BMI of 35.0–55.0kg/m2

- Results: After one year, participants with the AspireAssist + lifestyle counseling lost a mean of 31.5% of their excess body weight (vs 9.8% in the lifestyle counseling alone group)

- The AspireAssist is an endoscopically placed percutaneous gastrostomy tube ("PEG") with an external drainage system so that a person can drain out about 30% of the calories consumed in a meal.



4. Gastric BOTOX(R)

- This is best for people with a BMI between 27.5-40

- Result: lose 20-30lbs

- A large meta-analysis of 8 studies found that intragastric injection of botulinum toxin A is effective for the treatment of obesity.

- The treatment consists of multiple treatments, usually over the course of 6 months


WHY DOES THIS MATTER SO MUCH? Obesity is literally a risk factor for almost every GI cancer there is! Decrease your risk by maintaining a healthy weight

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