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Elena A. Ivanina, DO, MPH

Did your mother ever tell you that all diseases start in the gut? Well mine did. And so did Hippocrates, thousands of years ago. And turns out-- they do! Although now we know so much more about the pivotal role that the microbiome plays, and the other factors involved. 

Your gut is the all-powerful digestive engine of your body that is capable of anything and everything. I'm going to feed you all the evidence you'll need to appreciate its glory and harness its power to achieve goals including weight loss, digestive wellness, less abdominal pain and bloating, and even how to keep cancer at bay. is a website and blog dedicated to integrative gastroenterology, digestive wellness, preventive medicine, and weight loss.

Feed it! Feed your gut microbiome the fiber it needs & craves.

Clean it! Regular daily bowel habits are the cornerstone to digestive wellness.

Inspect it! If you are due for a screening colonoscopy or are experiencing bothersome abdominal symptoms, make sure someone takes a look inside to investigate and remove pre-cancerous lesions.

Respect it! Treat your gut right and you'll get health & happiness in return. 


feed your gut

together we’ll find a holistic approach to heal your gut


Me: Elena A. Ivanina, DO, MPH

Gastroenterologist with quadruple board certification in Gastroenterology, Internal medicine, Obesity medicine and Preventive medicine/Public Health

Certified Vinyasa Yoga instructor.


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