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Dr. Ivanina provides remote educational consultations to individuals across the country who are seeking guidance on their gut health journey. These consultations cover a range of topics, including root cause evaluation, established diagnosis, result reviews, and alternative treatment options. Please note that these consultations do not establish a doctor-patient relationship and Dr. Ivanina will not be making diagnoses, ordering tests, or recommending treatments. If you would like to learn more about our remote educational consultations, please email us at


What People Are Saying About Educational Sessions with Dr. Ivanina

I had a 60min educational session with Dr. Ivanina. Even though I bombarded her with 40+ files of bloods/ tests /scans etc. she was still able to give me very helpful advice and tips according to my medical history and symptoms. I should also highlight I am a cancer survivor and hence not an easy one due to multiple side effects going on at the same time affecting my gut and viceversa. She was patient and friendly and the consultation went over a little bit which was nice of her as well. Will likely book another review / session in a few months to check up. Having tried lots of different gastros where I live (UK), if I lived in the US Dr. Ivanina would definitely be my go-to.

Dr. Elena Ivanina is one of the only medically-trained gastroenterologists in the country that has acknowledged and accepted functional principles and puts them into practice to help and educate her patients and community. It is because of her that people are using food and lifestyle changes as medicine to heal their “dis-ease” to fix their root cause vs. masking the real issue with bandaid medications that are pushed on the millions of vulnerable gut sufferers globally who desperately want to feel better, and often end up worse in the long run as a result.

You can tell she truly cares about the people that she works with, and is brave and admirable to have forged her own path outside of the medical norms. She is constantly keeping up with the latest research to better help her clients, and that is hard to find - I’m grateful for her work and the way she leverages her platform to truly make an impact.


I met Dr Ivanina at an event at the Well, where she was incredibly gracious and generous with her time in answering my panel questions. I couldn’t wait to follow up with her privately. She asked for background info prior to our session and was extremely informed and knowledgeable. I am a cancer survivor and still adapting to my life (and my much-more-sensitive digestive system) post-treatment. She was compassionate and encouraging and gave me a lot of hope. I look forward to her newsletter each week!

I live in Canada where access to health care is surprisingly poor. I have a complicated gastro-intestinal history and saw Dr. Ivanina in preparation for an appointment with a GI specialist in Canada that I had been waiting 8 months for. Through the educational session, she helped me understand what I should be advocating for with my care in Canada. Following an extremely rushed appt with my own specialist in Canada, I touched base with Dr. Ivanina again to discuss some holistic considerations to my care… something I don’t believe will ever come up through my specialist in Canada. I look forward to working with Dr. Ivanina as I navigate IBS, SIBO, and IBD for years to come!

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